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CHAP Aubaines

Increasing revenue from automated emails by 484% in less than 3 months

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Increasing revenue from automated emails by 484% in less than 3 months

The Brand

CHAP Aubaines is a Quebec-based company whose mission is to offer high quality products at prices that beat all competition.

They offer a multitude of products from surplus merchandise from many big box stores: from clothing to food, housewares, furniture, appliances, toys, watches and jewelry, seasonal items and much more.

With two liquidation centers in Quebec City and St-Georges de Beauce, they decided to invest in their e-commerce and digital strategy to boost their online sales and so they launched their Shopify shop in June 2021.

The Challenge

Prior to working with Lake House Growth, CHAP Aubaines had begun to explore the use of emails to drive revenue by themselves with their multi-disciplinary team. They started using Klaviyo and their strategy included running campaigns and automated flows to retain customers and boost their online sales. The core tactics involved were:

  • Sending short (1 email) automated flows: they only had a welcome and a back in stock email at that time.
  • Sending weekly campaigns about promotions and new drops to drive revenue.

In using these tactics, CHAP Aubaines was aiming to increase its retention of email subscribers, as well as convert one-time purchasers into repeat customers.

The key issue was that their email list was really small and that their automated flows were not generating the levels of revenue that the brand was expecting from Klaviyo.

of the total revenue from email flows after 3 months
Email Revenue Increase
Submit Rate for the popups
Email List Growth

The Solutions

After analyzing the email program they had at that point in time, we used the data to identify a couple of key factors we needed to structure our strategy on.

With these key findings in mind, we created a strategy that aimed to turn CHAP Aubaines’ email strategy into a sustainable program, rather than one focused on short-sighted wins.

Growing their email list
The first element that really caught our attention was how amazingly engaged their subscribers were. Their open rates ranged from 45% to 70% and their click rates from 14% to 35% (yes, you read it right!).

We had to look at those numbers considering that their email list was limited to a few subscribers at that time, and likely composed only of very engaged people. That said, we couldn’t ignore the company’s potential to engage and arouse interest in their customers. We immediately drew the conclusion that we needed to find a solution to grow their contact list and we decided to use the signup forms as the central tool to achieve this goal.

We designed and implemented a multi-step popup form and adapted it into a mobile and desktop version. The two forms were published on CHAP Aubaines website on November 15th and in less than 3 months they gave impressive results:

  • A submit rate of 8.03% for the desktop version;
  • A submit rate of 7.39% submit rate for the mobile version.

That way, we were able to grow their subscribers list by 252% in just 11 weeks.

Establishing a new automated email flows strategy

The second element we focused on was the need to review and redesign their automated email flows strategy.

At that time, flows revenue only represented 5.2% of CHAP Aubaines total revenue from online sales, so we offered to help them by auditing their existing flows strategies and optimizing them to improve their results. We noted that their use of automated email was really limited: they were only sending one welcome and one back in stock email.

Using our team’s deep understanding of Klaviyo, we implemented a comprehensive redesign of their flows. We created for them new welcome and back in stock emails and completed the initial strategy with another fundamental flow: the checkout abandonment.

Our offer included both the design of the emails, implementation, timings, and content creation.

The Lake House Growth team always finds a solution for everything, that’s why I would have no hesitation in recommending Antoine and the services of his team to anyone who wants a simple but effective partnership.

The Impact

With the optimization of flows' strategy and content and the creation of an ever-growing email list, CHAP Aubaines have increased their email revenue by 484% in less than 3 months.

With their new welcome emails, they have already increased the revenue from the Welcome Flow by 619%.
The revenue associated to the Back in Stock Flow has doubled since the implementation of the new emails.

Their new Checkout Abandonment Flow has already shown great results too: average open rate of 62.7%, click rate of 20.7% and placed order rate of 4.4%.

When we started working together, their automated email flows represented 5.2% of the total revenue from online sales, now they represent 18.7%.


It’s only been a handful of months since all of this has been done, but we’re already seeing incredible results and wins.

Looking forward, we’re beginning with CHAP Aubaines a journey building a comprehensive and sustainable series of automated flows whose long-term rewards will be in line with the wins we’ve already had together.

In fact, although automated emails are commonly seen as “set-and-forget”, their implementation is just the beginning. In this second phase, we’ll focus on optimization, by constantly formulating and testing hypotheses to improve our results.

CHAP Aubaines is an incredible story, but yours could be worth telling too... You just have to schedule your introductory call and we’ll take care of the rest!

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